Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Not Fun

Dear friends,

I don't know why they call them Funderstorms. They are not FUN!!! Whenever I feel the thunder coming, I want to run away! I pant and pant, and no one can make me feel better. I feel all electric inside. I go to higher ground. My mom says I could work for the National Weather Service. She also says higher ground is a good him, but I don't know what she means.

Last night we had big funderstorms, and they came right at dinnertime, and I could not eat in my usual spot because I was too upset. My human sister brought my dish upstairs, and when the storm got quieter, I could eat my supper, mostly.

Do you like funderstorms?

I really, really don't.

Your friend,


PPB said...

Oh Molly, that sounds awful! I hope there are No.More.Storms. for you!!!!

DogBlogger said...

When I was almost not a puppy anymore, and it stormed outside, I used to let the thumb-havers have my already-eaten supper back.

They didn't like that. I got over it, and we're all glad.

I'm not too scared of storms anymore, but I know they're no fun.

Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

Oh, Molly! My wonderful Big Dog always hated funderstorms, too. You're probably better behaved during them than she was. She would eat furniture, she would get so upset. I hope you don't have to pant through too many storms this summer. Big hugs from me and Small Dog.

Whistle said...

We do not like funderstorms. We do not like wet.

zorra said...

Molly, I think we need to start a support group. I hate thunder too, and it makes me pant and pace. We call it boom-booms. I have to go and hide in my dad's closet, but that doesn't really make me feel any better. Sometimes I hide my face under mom's arm and she holds me tight. That helps a little. Mom has tried a lot of things to help me, but I still get scared. She says she might get me something called an Anxiety Wrap. If your mom and dad get you one, let me know if it helps.

I understand,

Molly said...

Hello, everybody! It's been quiet here, but this morning my ears are prickling, and I heard my mom say funderstorms are in the fourcast!

I send paws of love back to all of you,


Seeker said...


I don't like them either! Puts me off my supper as well...(and usually under my covers!)

Molly, would you be so kind as to share 8 facts about yourself? I was tagged by a friend, and would like to ask you to join in the game. No thunderstorms are involved -- I promise!