Saturday, June 23, 2007

Five Things I Dig About Jesus

Rosie and Jenny tagged me to do a meme about Jesus. They want to know five things I dig about Jesus. I had to ask my Mom what that means, because I know about Jesus and I know about digging, but I thought digging was in the backyard, when I smell the roots starting to move under the ground. She explained that this kind of "dig" means like a lot and think is cool. So here goes!

1. Jesus loved everybody, even people who nobody else liked. That's how I feel about people, too, and I love being like Jesus that way. I always say hello to everybody and try to make them feel happy.

2. Jesus told a lot of stories. I tell a lot of stories, too! Wroo Wroo!!!

3. My mom says this list is not just about me. She says think of something that is different from me. Hmmm.

Okay, I've got one. Jesus liked walking from place to place so he could talk to as many people as possible. He didn't wait for people to give him a ride. He used his own feet. (I prefer the car.)

4. Jesus loved the little children, back when people didn't make a fuss over them. That is sweet. I love little children, too. (I can't help it, Mom, I really can't.)

5. Jesus told people to love each other. That's the most important thing there is.

What do you dig about Jesus?


Lorna said...

woof woof Molly.

I don't know ... I don't think I know him yet Molly.

And you know what being a mum is full time work. That Misty she keeps getting into trouble and I have to rescue her before THE FAMILY get mad. She keeps running inside to pee on the paper in the kitchen no matter how often I tell her that the grass on the garden is better

do you think your Jesus would help us?

I like it that He liked to go on long walks - I do too - and liked children - our FAMILY just told us Jesus liked walking on the beach too - so he sounds pretty cool.

I heard there were lots of dogs like me at the beach yesterday when you and Sam visited. woof woof. Wished you'd invited me though.

your friend on the other side of the beach

Mindy xx

Psalmist said...

Rosie & Jenny here. Good list, Molly! Yours was much less selfish than ours, but then, we ARE cats and consider ourselves only a little lower than the angels.

Thanks for blogging this meme. We think you're an excellent blogger. Now if our lazy human would set up our own blog...

Rosie & Jenny

Lisa said...

Dear Molly,

Thanks for visiting my blog this morning and leaving me a comment! Thanks to your mom, too! Isn't it hard to type with paws?

Molly said...

Dear Lisa,
Thanks for asking about typing. I am very dainty for a big dog and I use my paws as gently as possible on the keyboard. When my arthur-ities bothers me, I take a break from blogging.
Your garden is very pretty, and I wish I could visit it and meet your baby birds and your new puppy. I remember you and your boy and Ruby. Her name is easy for me! Wroooby!!
Your friend,

Diane said...

Molly -- I want to know -- am I being tagged to tell 8 things about me, or 5 things I did about Jesus?
--Scout who lives at faith in community with Diane

Molly said...

Dear Scout,
You may do whichever one you like!
Your friend,

DogBlogger said...

Wow, Molly, you are very talented to do your own typing! Not sure how well things would blog for me if it weren't for The Typist.

Diane said...

Molly, thanks for visiting. Scout's first attempt at posting. Maybe someday she'll get her own blog, but she's spoiled enough as it is! I hope to hear more about Blessing of animals! We will probably do it in October (St. Francis of Assisi.)

St. Casserole said...

Good dog, Molly!

Singing Owl said...

Molly, I am impressed that you were successful in making friends with a cat. I am also quite impressed with you list. You must be quite smart, as dogs go. I posted over at SingingOwl's place about the five things I dig about Jesus. Mine are not as selfish as Rosie and Jenny's. Being royal, I must set a good example for others.

Princess Patches