Saturday, June 30, 2007

Dreams Do Come True!

Hello, everybody!
Remember yesterday I said I wanted to make better friends with cats?
Well, lately, I've been going upstairs early in the morning to see if I can get some snuggles before Sam takes them all. My Papa Bear has been boosting me on to the big bed, and I get to snuggle between Papa Bear and my Mom. Sometimes Baby the Cat is there, but she usually hides behind my Mom.
Today she walked right over to me! I made friends with a cat!!
Your friend,
P.S. She smells very, very interesting.


Littlemankitty said...

Cats are very good. You should know that!

I haven't met a doggy for a long time--only when I got blessed. I did like them back then. Maybe you'll come and visit me, and I can tell if doggies are as nice as kitties are?

DogBlogger said...

The Boy and I sniffed a cat last weekend at our aunt's house. We don't think the cat appreciated it very much.

Diane said...

I have not made friends with a cat yet. I knew a very old cat, but only for a little while. Maybe I'll still be able to.

zorra said...

That's why I try to chase cats--I just want to sniff them! Nobody believes me! But you do, don't you?

Your friend,

St. Casserole said...

Our dog, Sister, says we TASTE interesting, too. She licks us to clean us up. We have to clean off her licks and we lick her so she can clean off our licks. Takes a long time...

Tiria the Shadow Princess said...

Well you make friends with RevGalBlogCats so a cat IRL shouldn't be too bad. Just watch out for our catly pointy parts. We have lots of them and we sometimes use them when we don't mean to when we are scared.

But personally I don't like the slobbery part of the dog. I don't mind the sniffery part though. And the wagging part I've always wanted to catch... a toy? Giver of Greenies says no. Hmmmmm

The Shadow Princess

Rowan The Dog said...

That is very, very, impressive. I think cats are hard to make friends with. It's mainly because of their really sharp paws. It's a turn off.