Friday, August 17, 2007

Friday Five: Word Association, Redux

Hello, friends! It's me, Molly!!

I haven't blogged for a long time. First of all, it was hot here, and I didn't feel like doing much but resting and keeping cool. Then our pawtop computer wouldn't work, and I am not allowed to use my Papa Bear's, so I had to wait until it was fixed again. Then my Mom had to take it to work. Surely you see my difficulties!

But here I am, ready to play the Friday Five.

Below you will find five words. Tell us the first thing you think of on reading each one. Your response might be simply another word, or it might be a sentence, a poem or a story.

1. vineyard -- My Papa Bear has a t-shirt that says Martha's Vineyard. He wore it the night he met my Mom. She says it is very special, and now he only wears it about once a year. The rest of the time it stays in his dresser.

2. root -- In the spring, when I go out in our yard, I smell things under the earth. I try to dig and find them. My mom says they are roots, and she asks me to stop digging, so our young trees in the backyard can grow up and give me more shade. That seems like a good reason, so I try to stop. But sometimes a girl just has to dig, know what I mean?

3. rescue -- Rescue people are the kindest in the world! I belong to a special group that rescues dogs and cats and puppies and kittens. Sometimes they send my mail about their good work. They are The Humane Society of South Mississippi. My friend St. Casserole helped me to join because she heard I was upset about the animals who lost their homes and families in Hurricane Katrina. It's easy for the rest of the world to forget, but people on the Gulf Coast are still trying to rebuild, and that makes life hard for their pets. I hope you all give something, somewhere, to help animals who don't have homes! I have a t-shirt, too, from HSSM. Thanks, St. Casserole!!

4. perseverance -- I had to ask my Mom about that word. She says it means sticking with something even when you don't feel like it because it's really hard work. I think it means giving your people a paw poke, gently, when they forget to pet you or give you their pizza crusts.

5. divided -- Sam and I are divided from the cats at our house. The cats DO NOT like us. I bet if I met Littleman Kitty or Whistle and Fish they would like me. I hope they would. A house divided against itself cannot stand, and I am afraid if the cats don't learn to like me, our house will fall down!

Thanks for reading my word associations!!

Your Friend,