Monday, May 28, 2007

A New Tree

Molly at the top of the stairs
Dear Everybody,

I have a new tree in my yard!

The new tree!

My Papa Bear dug up the stump where my favorite bush used to be, and then he and Mom planted a pretty new tree. It doesn't have much shade yet, and Sam peed on it. I told him to stop it. But he just did it again. Papa said Sam was christening the tree. I object!

No more overgrown shrubs on either side of the front door

Now Papa Bear is digging up stumps in the front yard, too. It all looks strange. I don't know if I will like it. Mom says we will get some new shrubs, but I have a feeling I won't be able to fit under them when I get free.

Yardwork is tiring

Yardwork is tiring, I'm going to have a nap now.

What's happening in your yard?

Your friend,

P.S. If you click on the pictures, you can see them bigger at Flickr my mom says.


Littlemankitty said...

Change is hard.

cheesehead said...

They are digging up stuff in my yard, too. Some of it is stuff I am used to peeing on.

What up??

Tanner the Wonder-Poodle
(Or "bichoodle" as the old lady around here calls me now. Stupid vet.)

zorra said...

You and Sam are better behaved than my sister Zorra was. She once pulled up a brand new peach tree that had only been in the ground for a week or so, and chewed it to pieces. Daddy almost wanted to find her a new home that day.

I, of course, would not EVER do such a thing.


Gannet Girl said...

I put some flowers in my front yard yesterday. Suddenly it looks colorful and pretty instead of worn out. It did not like the Easter blizzard, which you probably loved. The snow was too deep for me.

My back yard has a huge sycamore tree. The yard is tiny so the tree shades all of it. You could come and visit. My neighbors had a boy dog visiting for awhile and I fell in love through the fence. He's vanished, and I would like to lie out in the shade with a girlfriend.

Your friend,
(I live with Gannet Girl.)

Molly said...

Amie, when I was a puppy I used to chew on lots of things: dining room table legs, wooden futon frame, remote controls, sunglasses, and even the trunk of a hydrangea my Papa and Mom got as a wedding present. But I outgrew it. Now I wait until they give me a bone or a stick.

Diane said...

Molly, I have a big back yard which is not so well kept up, which is just the way I like it! I like to dig holes in the very back of the back yard, near the pine trees. They get mad at me when I do that, and yell. I don't know why. It's fun, and I can store my balls in there.


P.S. I live with diane

Sally said...

your yard looks sunny and warm, our is wet and cold....

I hope you soon get used to your new yard...

Mary Beth said...

We have grass in our side yard and we like it a lot! But a lot of mud there, too. Still. We like that even better. Of course, we are white dogs with long hair so our mammma doesn't like that part.

Mom just bought two Nile lilies. WE think we should chew them. SHE thinks she may move them to the front yard...

Mary Beth said...

that last comment was from Josie and Boudreaux. :)

Auntie Knickers said...

This is Rusty the springer. There has been some digging in my yard, but it isn't very interesting yet. I got scolded just a little for messing up something called Wroo-barb? But they shouldn't have planted it right in front of the window where I look at the cat who lives in the basement. I wish she would come upstairs. I wouldn't really eat her, she just thinks that. She is three colors too, like me and like Molly and Sam. Maybe if I'm lucky I'll see you at the dog park someday.

mompriest said...

Hi Molly. This is Roxie and Ruby (we are sneaking on at posting through our moms blog site, but she doesn't know it). We have a huge yard but since it is wide open we are not allowed to run free on it. We always have to have leashes or lead lines attached. Sigh. Must have something to do with those cars that wiz by all day and night....still...

so, we are jealous that you have the luxury of chewing on stuff...we can only get sticks...

Anyway, just wanted to say, love your yard. (You can see our picture at the bottom of our moms blog site...and of course you can see that we are attached...sigh. again...).