Saturday, February 17, 2007

What I Did on Friday

Hello, friends!
Yesterday I FINALLY got to go to church again. We took a long ride in the car, with a stop for donut holes, thank you very much. Then we pulled into a vaguely familiar parking lot, and when my Mom let me out, I sang, "Wroo wroo! I'm here!!!"
Mom told me I was not Ethel Merman, and this was not Broadway.
Then we went in the door and got in the elevator.
I probably mentioned to you before how much I love elevators.
My new friend Long Hair Lady was there in the office, and she heard me singing as soon as the elevator doors opened!
When I got thirsty after all the cookies they gave me, my Mom emptied the pretty bowl on her desk that has person treats, and took me over to the ladies room and filled it with water. I like to drink from a pretty bowl.
We had a visit from a nice man, and I very politely took a nap while he was talking to my Mom.
I get bored when my Mom is working on the computer, but I keep an ear out in case we have other visitors. Whenever anyone comes to the door, Mom gets up and I give a paw, and someone gives me a cookie. Yay!
After work, we went to the hospital, but I had to wait in the car. Then we drove back to our town. I could hear my mom talking to Whistle's mom on the phone; they were making each other laugh, but I didn't get the joke.
When we were almost home, Mom drove by the dog park, and she even turned in, but she told me there was a guy in the shelter there drinking from a bottle in a brown paper bag, so we had to go home instead of playing. Quelle disappointment!
I bet you didn't know I could speak French.
What are you up to today?


St. Casserole said...

you had a good day, Molly.

Fish got outside for a few minutes yesterday but ran back inside because it is COLD outside!

I heard my mom talking to your mom.
I think they discussed how smart and great I am. sounded like that to me...

I want to speak French, too. Our boy is there. We can't find him here and we don't hear him anymore.


Littlemankitty said...

I wish i could go to work. It sounds like more fun than staying here.

DogBlogger said...

I got to go to church with The Typist last Saturday. Nobody else was there, though. But I still liked going, and sliding around on the hallway floor (but not too much -- gotta be careful with my hips, you know).

Molly said...

Going to work is mostly fun, sometimes dull. But when it's dull, napping is allowed. At least it's allowed for dogs.
I hope I get to go to big church again soon, because I like the music!

zorra said...

It sounds like you had a good day! I haven't been to church in a long time. Maybe I should go again.

Mom and dad both got up early today, just the way I've taught them. I didn't want them to leave, though. But first mom came back, then dad, and he made waffles and bacon! He gave me some when he thought mom wasn't looking!

Now dad has gone again and I'm helping mom type. But wait! Someone is REVVING AN ENGINE outside! This has to stop! Excuse me!