Friday, February 23, 2007

My Day

Hello, everyone!
I have a little problem with snow. I really, really love it! It is so exciting to run on the snow! I love the cold air; it makes me feel like a puppy again!!
But I hurt my toe on Wednesday, and then I wrenched my leg on Thursday, and today I made my toenail bleed again.
That is NO FUN.
On the other hand, it stopped right away, and my sore leg was fine today. Also, my mom took me to the dog food store this afternoon, and I finally got a Greenie. It was delicious! Then she read Riley's comment and now I can't ever have another one.
Oh, well. I get a lot of treats, so I can't complain too much. (Don't tell my mom I said that, okay?)
My birthday is on Tuesday. I will be 5 years old. I hope I get a cheeseburger, because that's my favorite thing, and my mom and dad call them Mollyburgers, because once I took one away from my human sister, just took it right out of her hand, because cheeseburgers are VERY EXCITING!!! Even for grown-up dogs who are turning 5.
Just thought you might like to know these things,


DogBlogger said...

I'm sorry your toenail bled again, Molly! But glad your leg is feeling better. Hope you have a great birthday, too. Mine is coming up next month. I'll be 7.

Molly said...

Dear Cub,
I went to the other dog park today, and I had fun jumping on Sam. Then my toenail had to bleed again, for heaven's sake! But I played some more anyway.
I like this cold weather a lot.

Redzils said...

Hi Molly!

I wish I lived close enough to bring you a birthday Mollyburger! I hope you get one for every year old you are! And if you have extras, send me one! My mom is boring and never lets me eat anything that marvelous!

Your friend!


alegna said...

Have you ever stolen a DOUBLE CHEESEBURGER?! Yes, imagine that. They really do exist. Don't ask me how I know...maybe something to do with when Daddy's taking care of us while Mommy's away..