Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Did you hear?

Did you hear the news? We finally got some snow here, for heaven's sake! It fell on Saturday. I am really, really enjoying it. That's a picture of me in the backyard in the early, early morning, which is why it looks sort of blue. I was running, because snow is fun!!!

I like to lie on the snow. Sometimes my mom comes to the back door and says, "Molly, are you stuck to the snow?" But she is smiling, and I know she isn't really worried at all.

Today Sam and I took a walk with our Papa Bear and our mom and our human girl. We drove to a neighborhood in our town that is right next to some really nice woods, and we took a circle trail. Sam and I were very busy, because there was a lot of pee-mail to read all along the path. We didn't go up on the ridge because our mom was COOOLLLD! Then we came home and had supper, and then we told our Papa Bear we needed *more* supper! It's cold outside! We need extra fuel!!!

Then we told our mom we needed her dinner, too. She always gives us what we want. We got some leftovers.

Now it's time to sleep, because tomorrow we're going out in the snow again!


Littlemankitty said...

ooh, I want to see snow sometime. I wonder if it will ever come to my window? I'm not allowed outside, though.

DogBlogger said...



Redzils said...


We got snow here, too! It is white and shiny and crunchy and delicious!!

My mom hasn't taken me out to read my pee-mail yet, but at least I get to go rollrollroll in the snow!

I hope you enjoy your snow!


zorra said...

LOL! You like to read your pee-mail too! That's what my mom calls it. Sometimes she says, "that's enough, come on," and I don't have time to read it all. Very frustrating.

Have fun in the snow. I'm still wondering what that is.