Friday, April 25, 2008

My Day at the Specialty

Dear friends,

Today I took a long ride with my mama and my human sister to a place where lots and lots of Bernese Mountain Dogs have gathered together.

Some were doing Agility, going up and down ramps and jumping through hoops.

Some were pulling carts, which I hear is what we did in the Olde Country.

Some were showing how obedient they are.

Some got to go around in a ring just for being more than seven years old!! And some got admired just for being puppies.

Some are competing in Con-for-ma-tion, to see which dogs look and move the most like our breed is supposed to, or so I'm told. I saw some of those dogs. Their people got more dressed up than the rest, and those dogs looked extremely clean and tidy.

So did I!! My mama took me on this long car trip to meet a lady named Pat, who takes pictures of dogs like me, with her friend, Joye. They go to big gatherings and take lots of pictures, but they don't do it as a job. They do it as a gift. My mama wrote down a name on a piece of paper along with numbers, and that was a donation to the people who rescue Bernese Mountain Dogs from auctions.

I asked my mama what an auction is and she said to tell you it's a place that's okay for lamps and sofas and silver candlesticks, but not for animals. Our friend, Toby, who lives with Revsweet, got rescued by those nice people and so we gave our money to that group, BARC. (Get it?)

After all my pretty pictures were taken, Pat and Joye wanted to eat their lunches. We were still waiting for a round silver thing from the computer that had my pictures, so my mom stayed and talked with them. When I saw them eating delicious sandwiches, I realized they had forgotten ALL about my long ride in the car and how hungry I must be, so I told them.

"Wroo wroo!" I said, and I raised up and told them.

Pat said she wanted a picture of that, too, so I had to pose some more.

I hope you enjoy my pictures. My mama says there are more over at her Flickr page.

Also, my Papa Bear showed up and petted me for a while, but he had to go back to work. He said he'll be home soon. (Don't tell Sam I saw him, okay? He stayed home and spent the day with Louise, who takes us for walks. He had a good day, too, and our mama brought him turkey hearts that were dried up into treats. Yum!)

Let me know if you like my pictures,

Your friend,

P.S. Here's how I look at my mama.


Jennifer said...

Oh, Molly! You are so beautiful!

zorra said...

You are such a sweet girl! I love the wroo wroo picture.

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

mocha java puppy says he is bummed you were not in his obedience school class... he would have courted you for sure. as it was he had to drop out because PDAs (public displays of affection) hotcup, hubhc, and about a million other people in class did not care for. but molly... really you're only second in line only to mochajava's first true love - the rottweiler with the pink bow on her ear, those were the days...

you loook gorgeeeous baby!

Auntie Knickers said...

Molly, what a beautiful dog you are! And so smart and good too! I hope to meet you some day and so does Rusty.

Sue said...

Molly, you are a beautiful dog!! You could be in one of those fancy dog magazines!

Dorcas (aka SingingOwl) said...

Molly, your pictures are just beautiful. I once took a "what dog are you" quiz, and I turned out to be a Burmese Mountain dog. I thought of you right away.

Diane M. Roth said...

what a beautiful girl you are, Molly!

We met a couple of Bernese Mountain dogs when walking at the lake last summer.

You belong to a wonderful breed.

thank you for sharing your pictures.

St. Casserole said...

Molly, you are so pretty! I love your portraits! And to see you ROOOOO! Too wonderful.

Sister says to tell you that you are beautiful and have pretty paws.

Kim said...

How exciting that you got to go to the National Specialty!! We are hoping to go to the Canadian National Specialty later this year. Love your blog!

Anonymous said...

woof woof Molly - from your pals in Finland - Mindy and Misty. xx

Susan O said...

pretty girl!

DogBlogger said...

Oh, Molly, you are beautiful indeed! Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures.

The Typist

Annie's Mom said...

Such beautiful pictures Molly!

Tiria the Shadow Princess said...

Wow Molly -you have a lot of fur. You're like my neighbor friend's cat who has to be shaved every summer because she is so hairy.

I liked the wrrooooo one. I kinda say that. Giver of Greenies says I say "Perrrrrrrrruuuuuu?"

The Shadow Princess

CJ said...

Tiria says... "Tag! You're it, Molly!" See Tiria's blog for the meme.

CJ said...
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