Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday Five: What are You...

1. Wearing -- a beautiful tri-color fur coat! It's a little warm for summer, but it's awfully pretty.

2. Pondering -- why do the cats run when I just want to play with them?

3. Reading -- "All Creatures Great and Small" I like it a lot. It's my favorite hymn, too. Did you know there's a verse about Berners?

The loving, noble Berner,

With coat rust, black and white,

Is our beloved companion,

Whose spirit brings us light.

(My mom wrote it for a Berner Blessing service.)

4. Dreaming -- of legs that don't ever hurt me.

5. Eating -- this morning I had venison stew, yummy!! Also, cookies.

What are you up to today?

Friday, April 20, 2007

Friday Five: Surprised By Joy

Hello, friends! I haven't been blogging lately because my arthur-ities have been bothering me. I'm not an old dog, you know; I'm only 5! But I've had arthur-ities since I was a puppy girl in my hips and my elbows. Now I have it in my right wrist, too, and since I'm right-pawed, I didn't feel like typing.

But, today I am feeling good! So I am playing the Friday Five!!

Tell us about five people, places, or things that have brought surprising, healing joy into your life.

1) My mom says the place I came from had people who didn't really care about good health for dogs; then she told me she couldn't have asked for a sweeter dog with a better nature, and she hugged and kissed me. That is Joy # 1!!!

2) When I'm feeling sore, and I can't go for a walk, I like to lie under my bush in the backyard. The snow hurt my bush, and my mom said we're going to have to cut it down, but she promised I could have a new one. That is Joy #2!!!

3) I like Winter best, because if you have a big fur coat like mine, the Summer is too hot, and even Spring, too, sometimes. But, in the Spring, I can smell something in the earth that I want to find, so I dig and dig until the roots of things show, and I can smell them even better! That is Joy #3!!!

4) Sometimes on gloomy days, my mom gives me a marrow bone! I love them!! That is Joy #4!!!

5) Even though she says it's time to leave the dog park, my mom always lets me wrassle with Sam for five more minutes! That is Joy #5!!!

What makes you feel joyful? Write and tell me, okay?

Your friend,