Monday, January 21, 2008

Saints of the Church

Dear Everyone,

Today I went with my mama to work, because my elbow hurt too much for regular walks and my Papa Bear thought I would be bored at home. I got to go to two different churches!

First we went to our church, and we went to the office. It was very disappointing because my friend, Angela, took the day off today. We had visitors, but only Angela gives me lots and lots of cookies. Other people just give me one. I think Angela is one of the Saints of the Church, because she knows how to show love to one of God's creatures: me!

Mama says when Angela answers the phone and greets visitors, she is doing Ministry of Hospitality. I am good at that, too.

Later we went to a lunch meeting at another church, with a bunch of minister types. There was soup, but I only had a piece of cheese after the cheese had been sitting out and was getting a little hard around the edges. While they were all talk-talk-talking, I got sleepy. Sometimes ministers are boring.

However, there were several people who petted me and told me I was pretty, and my mama's friend Country Pastor sat on the floor to pet me. I slept with my paws under his chair. He is a Saint of the Church, too.

Do you have Saints in your church?

Tell me about them if you want to!

Your friend,

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My Day

Here is my plan for today:

Go to church.

Last week I went to church with my mama on Wednesday. First we went to see the Women's Fellowship. How can women be fellows? My mama says maybe they should be the Women's Galship. One of them gave me carrot cake. She is nice.

Then we got back in the car and drove to a different church. All the people there were ministers. They told my mama some stories about their dogs, and then they sat around a table and my mama talked for a very long time. But it was okay because she was talking about ME!!!

Then I went back to the usual church. It was dull. We stayed in the office a crazy long time. It was okay while my friend, Angela, was there, but after she left, I was bored, because my mama was "working," or that's what she said.

Finally some ladies came, some of the same ladies from the morning. They went all over the church, and they took me with them! Then they packed boxes to send to service gals and guys far away in Iraq. I made sure they did a good job packing up facecloths and chapstick and microwave popcorn and other good stuff.

After that, I had a snooze in the hall while I waited for my mama's meeting with them to be over.

It was a long day at church. Today won't be. Mama promised. Today I hope to see my Wednesday Wizards, especially George. He used to breed poodles, and he groomed me once. He is my

What are you doing today? If you're not too busy, I hope you'll remember to pray for sick animals and their mamas and papas who worry about them, especially Amie who is having tests and Cub and The Boy, who are hoping to stay calm today.

Your friend,