Thursday, July 24, 2008


Sisterfilms stopped by and asked me to play the meme where you tell seven things about yourself. I think I've done something like this, but I will give it a try because I hear she is a nice gal. Her mama met my mama.

Here are seven facts about me, Molly!

1. I have three colors: black, white and rust. Those are the colors all Bernese Mountain Dogs are supposed to have, although every now and then, one is born that is only rust and white. Here is a picture of a famous one named Copper.

2. I am particularly fond of cheeseburgers. I like them so much that when I was a puppy I took one right away from my human sister, Light Princess. Ever since then, my people call cheeseburgers "Molly burgers." (Except on Sam's birthday; then we all call them "Samburgers.")

3. I was born in Vermont.

4. But my breed came from Switzerland originally.

5. On Thursdays, Sam and I go to the dog park with our friend, Louise, in her magic van. It is magic because when she opens the door, our dog friends are in it!

6. When there is funder, I feel upset.

7. My mama usually tells my Papa Bear to let me get on the bed if the funder comes at night. Last night I got scared and got on the bed, but then the funder stopped and I had a very cozy sleep between them.

I think most everyone has played this, but you may play, too, if you like. Even Fish, but please share with Whistle and Dubby, okay?