Monday, January 21, 2008

Saints of the Church

Dear Everyone,

Today I went with my mama to work, because my elbow hurt too much for regular walks and my Papa Bear thought I would be bored at home. I got to go to two different churches!

First we went to our church, and we went to the office. It was very disappointing because my friend, Angela, took the day off today. We had visitors, but only Angela gives me lots and lots of cookies. Other people just give me one. I think Angela is one of the Saints of the Church, because she knows how to show love to one of God's creatures: me!

Mama says when Angela answers the phone and greets visitors, she is doing Ministry of Hospitality. I am good at that, too.

Later we went to a lunch meeting at another church, with a bunch of minister types. There was soup, but I only had a piece of cheese after the cheese had been sitting out and was getting a little hard around the edges. While they were all talk-talk-talking, I got sleepy. Sometimes ministers are boring.

However, there were several people who petted me and told me I was pretty, and my mama's friend Country Pastor sat on the floor to pet me. I slept with my paws under his chair. He is a Saint of the Church, too.

Do you have Saints in your church?

Tell me about them if you want to!

Your friend,


DogBlogger said...

I'm sorry your elbow is sore, Molly. But I'm glad you got to go to churches!

We have saints of the church, too. Like everybody in the band. They all pet me and let me sit in the middle of them when they practice at our house.

zorra said...

We have saints of the church, too. Mama says that last night she was in a meeting with some of them,and they prayed for me, that I would feel better. Mama and I both appreciated that a lot.

I hope your elbow feels better today. My vet says I don't have Cushing's after all, but he doesn't know what is wrong with me. I feel OK though, just kind of tired. I get to eat this stuff called VAL Syrup, and it's yummy. I should tell Grendel, it's like gravy.


Diane M. Roth said...

Scout will be back over to answer this question, Molly. In the meantime, she tagged you on her blog!

Kathryn said...

Oh Molly - i wish your elbow wasnt' so sore.
The most important saint of the church here is the man that my mum calls WonderfulVicar. He always always finds time to talk to me - though he spends time talking to Dillon as well, which is a little worrying. You would think that saints would not want to get involved with anyone as loud as that.
But he is wonderful and my friend and I love him. I hope there will be saints like him in our new church....and that your elbow feels better very soon.
Your blogpal Mufti

Diane M. Roth said...

Scout says: we have saints, but i only got to go to church once: for the animal blessing, so i don't know very many of the church's saints. I think that anyone who pets dogs is a saint. and I wish I could go to church like you.

Lindy said...

I only know about St. Laika because she is a saint, and St. Francis because all us dogs get to play on his saint day.

DogBlogger said...

Hi Molly! I just tagged you over at my blog!

CJ said...

Tiria says: "You're it, Molly!" (see Tiria's blog for the game)

Psalmist said...

We miss you, Molly. Even if you are a dog and we are not.

One of our human slave's friends said that yesterday was Blogger Appreciation Day. Our slave was typically too slow and lazy to pass along this information to us, and she's been very slow in saying "I appreciate you" to her human friends on her Bloglines list. So here I am to greet you, because your blog is on OUR list.

We appreciate you. Pets who blog must stick together.

Love, Jenny (and Rosie, too)