Friday, December 28, 2007

On the Fourth Day of Christmas

Hello, friends!

My mama is on a trip to visit my blog-friend, Whistle, and his people and other animal friends on the Gulf Coast. While she's away, I have to go upstairs to use the computer. It has a really good screen, and the keyboard is MUCH easier than using the pawtop computer. I think I'll use this one all the time now. I don't understand why I couldn't go on the plane with her. I am very well-behaved, and I would think that having me around would be good for people who have fear of flying.

Did you have a good Christmas? There was a lot of good food at my house, including Swedish meatballs, cheese grits and finally pizza on Boxing Day. My mama says that is not a day for fighting, but an old-fashioned tradition of giving presents on the day after Christmas. Instead of giving boxes, we ordered pizza and a nice man brought it to us in boxes. While my family is eating pizza, I sit beside the dining room table and look as pretty as I can. That usually gets me some crusts, and if I'm very lucky, the rest of the pizza, too!!!

While my mama is away, our Papa Bear is lonely. He took us to the beach this afternoon and it was fun! Sam tried to catch the waves. Silly Dog! I looked around for people who needed company. There is always someone with lonely feet who needs my attention.

A lot of people sent kind wishes when I told you about my Sore Elbow. I want you to know that my new medicine is making me feel MUCH better. I like it okay with cream cheese. I did NOT like the Pill Poppers, even though they taste like beef.

I want you to visit two other dog blogs for me, okay? One belongs to Scout, who is a new dog blogger. The other one belongs to my special friend, Cub. Please read her blog and keep her in your prayers, okay? She blessed me, and I want to bless her, too. I'm sorry she has to go to the doctor so much, and I hope they are taking good care of her.

Your friend,


Sue said...!!

I'm glad you are having a good Christmas Molly. All the best for the new year!

Rev Dr Mom said...

Molly, maybe having you with me on a plane would help me get over my fear of flying. But can you scootch under the seat?

On second thought, we'll just have to buy you your own seat!

Lori said...

Very good news about your elbow.

Next time there's pizza would you call me so I can sit on the floor with you and share crusts? That is, if you're OK with sharing.

Anonymous said...

hello Molly! thanks for visiting me! I hope you have a good day and get lots of treats! I am so impressed that you get to eat pizza! Can I come over?

Diane M. Roth said...

also, thanks for telling your friends about me!
we are praying for Cub at my house, too

Tiria the Shadow Princess said...

I don't like the crusts, I like the cheese.... so I will share with you.I am glad your elbow is better.

The Shadow Princess