Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Dear World,
Today I tore off one of my toenails on my front left foot. It hurt!!! There was blood (not too much), and my mom said she felt faint or something.
My human brother used to work at the vet's office, and he cleaned my boo-boo. He had to give me a little foot hair trim, which I DID NOT LIKE, but he was gentle.
Now I am wearing a bandage and a sock. I got the first bandage off, but my mom (who did not faint after all) put on another one, and then the sock.
The sock FEELS ridiculous and looks FOOLISH!!
I'm going to the vet in the morning and tell them what I think about it. This boo-boo totally ruined my fun time at the park, running around in the snow with Sam and our friends.
Not so happily,


Littlemankitty said...

I got a boo boo on my pawsie, too, and it HURTED! I'm so sorry it happened to you. I think wearing a sock is very silly. You don't need no stinkin' sock. Wait til the humans go to sleep and then pull it off. I hope you feel better soon. You know what made me feel better was greenies. Did you get any greenies for when you hurted your pawsie? They're very yummy. I'll send you some.
Well, maybe one. I don't want to run out.

Molly said...

I didn't get a greenie, but I got lots of Milkbones. I like them a lot.
Is your pawsie all better? I hope so.
I think this would never have happened if my mom would take me for a pedicure.

DogBlogger said...

The Boy got a boo boo on his paw pad last year, and he had to wear a sock. He didn't really like it, either. But then, you remember that... you visited and made a joke about Sam!

redzils said...

Ouchie, Molly!

I hope your paw feels better soon, and that you get lots of pets and love at the vet.

Your superfriend,


DogBlogger said...

So, how was the vet trip? Did you get treats?

Molly said...

I got cookies and a nail trim at the vet. Dr. Katherine said I hurt my toenail, but it wasn't too bad and I should just take it easy until I feel like playing again. She said take off the silly sock! I like her.
Also my mom went to a fancy new grocery store and brought me some super special treats (still no Greenies, though). But then later I went for a walk and tried to climb on some snow and my other front leg poked through, and now it's really sore. I'm going to lie down.
Thanks for asking!

zorra said...

I hope you're better now! My sister Zorra used to get into these huge cuss fights with Oz, our neighbor on the other side of the fence (he's a jerk, I just ignore him) and once she got so worked up, she cut her toe on the fence! She had to wear this stupid collar and she hated it. Be glad you aren't wearing one. Get well soon.

Your friend,

alegna said...

Oh Molly! I'm so sorry about your booboo. My lil sister Sabrina (crazy hyper girl, not that I'm comparing her to you) did the same thing when she was little. The whole darn nail tore off and left an empty hole. But my mommy just kept it clean and lo and behold a new nail grew back! But it took a couple of months and it kinda came out all bumpy and crooked. So I can call her crooked toes now. Heehee.
Oh, and you don't need Greenies. Apparently they have some sort of plastic product in them that can get stuck in your belly.
Get better soon and don't lick it too much!

Riley the Bernerbuddy