Thursday, June 12, 2008

All About Me-me-me!!!

Tiria tagged me!

Ten years ago:
I was not born yet! I am only 6.

Five things on today's "to do" list (it's nighttime, so this is my "been done" list):
1. Eat a good breakfast
2. Ask my mama where Louise is?
3. Get excited because Louise is here to take Sam and me to the dog park with our friend, Bryce!!!!
4. Beauty nap
5. Enjoy the breeze until it's time for dinner

Three bad habits:
1. I've been told it's wrong to counter-surf, but I just don't see it that way.
2. Same thing with rolling in the grass where it smells most interesting...
3. Lying down during leash walks; I'm just looking for cookies, okay?

Five places I've lived:
1. I've only lived in two places.
2. One was in Vermont, where I was born
3. The rest of my life has been lived at this house
4. I hope I never live anywhere else
5. We are happy here.

Things I'd do if I was a billionaire:
If I were a billionaire, I would give a lot of money to the people at BARC, who save dogs like me from puppy mills, and another lot of money to my animal friends being helped by the Humane Society of South Mississippi, not because there aren't other places to give money, but because those are my special interests and those animals are in my heart.

Five jobs I've had:
1. Pastoral Visitor (I like visiting church people.)
2. Guest Preacher (my mom uses my help with the children sometimes)
3. Soloist (I sing when I go to church, Wroo wroo! And I am always in the right key; it's amazing.)
4. Actress (I played the one sheep in a play about the 99 sheep. I've also played myself.)
5. Ambassador Plenipotentiary--I make friends wherever I go!

Have you played this one? If you want to, please do, and let me know in the comments!


Magdalene6127 said...

Wroo wroo Molly! Good girl.

chartreuseova said...

Hey Molly,

Hey Molly

I love to herd things. I've tried herding the birds in the yard and kids, but I hear that I'm supposed herd sheep. I've never gotten the chance to try that...alas there are no sheep on our block.

Maybe you could come visit...I bet you make an awesome sheep.


Lily said...

Hi Molly -

We have to sing together some time. I prefer opera, since my Husky side is really good at hitting those high notes. (This really smart guy my person was talking to on the phone overheard me singing at the FedEx guy and called me a mezzo-soprano.)

My other jobs are Guard Dog, Supermodel (you should list that one, too, Molly, since people love taking your picture, too), Vacuum Cleaner, and Doorbell. And on top of all that my person keeps telling me it's my job to play with my doggie toys! (I prefer playing with real doggies to toys, any day!)

Please post more often, Molly!

Little LilyLuHoo

zorra said...

Great play, Molly! I can't sing and I am too short to countersurf(plus I have 'ritis in my back, so I try not to rear up if I can help it). But my sister Zorra sang a lot, especially if a train was going by. Mama says she was a very smart countersurfer; when mama put mousetraps on the counter, Zorra reared up high enough to see where they were, then very carefully put her paws on the counter between each one!


DogBlogger said...

Sorry it's taken me forever to comment, Molly. The Typist was in bed sick. But she's better now.

I think I've lived 5 places. It's hard to count past 4, though. I run out of paws. But this place is the one that matters. It's the best one.

Now, if only they'd get me a cattle to herd. They don't like it when I try to herd them, and I'm sure getting a cattle for this cattle dog would fix that.

The Boy

Diane said...

It's amazing! Scout makes friends wherever she goes too!

RevHRod said...

Dear Molly-

The Chick and the Mom were so happy to meet you in person. I have been following them around today just so they will remember who I am after their ten day jaunt around New England. Also, when I stalk them this way they are more likely to get me fresh water for my bowl.

St. Timothy Lutheran Cat
known mostly as Timothy

Sisterfilms said...

Would you play another meme? I tagged you on my new blog!

p.s. you are very pretty for an ickyth...I mean dog. You look kind of like a HUGE version of my cousin Heidi!