Sunday, December 02, 2007

Writing with One Paw

Dear Friends,

I haven't been typing because my elbow has been bothering me. It's hard to type with one paw. Tonight I am dictating to my mama, and she is typing my words for me.

Tuesday I went to the vet to have my teeth cleaned. They gave me sleepy medicine, and I did fine with that, and now my teeth are beautiful! But they also took some pictures of my elbows, and Dr. K said it was no wonder I have been holding up my left paw, because the arthur-ities in my left elbow is pretty bad, worse than in my right one.

My mama says that when I was a puppy, before I had surgery, that was the worst one then, too.
So Dr. K said I should take some new medicine. I hate it! It comes in little pills, and since I am not a little dog, I have to take a lot of them, three at a time, two times a day. Sometimes I get a special cookie after, but Dr. K also says I can't have so many cookies, because I weigh too many pounds. I think that is a very rude topic of conversation!

Right now, my elbow feels pretty bad, but my mama says it will probably take a few more days for the medicine to really make me feel better. And if it doesn't she will call the vets and ask what they think.

I don't really like peanut butter, but I wonder if my mama could put cream cheese on my pills? She says that sounds like a good idea! We'll try it tomorrow.

Here is the most important thing I want to tell you. Some people who let their dogs have puppies don't stop to think about stuff like arthur-ities. They just want to sell puppies, so they don't get their mama and daddy dogs checked for problems like mine. Those people are mean! I am glad to be alive, but I hate to think of other puppies and dogs having pains like mine. It's just not right.

If your people are thinking of getting a purebred puppy, please tell them to talk to my mama first. And don't go to a pet store! The puppies there came from puppy mills, and every time you buy a puppy at a pet store, it just makes the puppy millers want to sell more. They are greedy. They don't think about the dogs, or how long the will live in little cages. Please, please think about it before you get a puppy.

My mama and Papa Bear did not know the right things to do when they looked for a puppy, and my mama says they learned the hard way, but they aren't sorry I came to live with them, just sorry my elbow hurts so much. We all love each other. If you are a dog or a cat, I'm sure your people love you, too.

Your friend,


Mary Beth said...

Dear Molly,

We are so sorry to hear about your elbow! Please tell your mama and papa thanks for explaining to people about puppy mills. There are lots of our cousin Maltese dogs that come from them. People think "oh how cute" but it is not very cute in the long run!!

We hope you feel better soon so you can stop taking pills. They are icky!

We have some "Beggin Strips" that smell like BACON! our mom says they stink worse than catfood. Ask your mom if you can have one, too!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you're feeling so bad. I hope it feels better soon.


cheesehead said...

Dear Molly,

My people got me at the shelter, because my previous people could not keep me.

I am an old dog, and have heart problems, but my people love me any way and give me a cookie and a greenie every day. I take my pills in cheese! Low fat string cheese is good for both people and dogs. Ask your mom about it.

I hope you feel better quick!


Quotidian Grace said...

Dear Molly,

I'm sorry to hear about your elbow, too! That's no fun. I liked peanut butter with my medicine that I've been taking since I had surgery last week. But now I've finished the medicine. Wonder if Mom will put some peanut butter in my dish anyway? I hope so. I hope you like the cream cheese and feel better soon.

Your pal,

Diane said...

Dear Molly,

I am praying for your elbow. I agree with you about puppy mills. They are bad bad bad.

I would love to run and play with you. I did meet one dog like you one day at a Lake, and she was very nice.

your friend,


Mufti said...

Oh Molly - we're sad for you. I have a sore leg sometimes from where I broke it as a puppy...but I don't have to take pills. I just rest on the sofa in my mum's study till I feel bouncy again. Dillon doesn't understand and keeps barking at me and bouncing all over me to get me to play and it gives me a I really do sympathise.
I hate puppy farms too. My humans worked quite hard to find someone as special as me and they got me from a proper breeder but Dillon arrived because he kept running away from his other family. I think that means my family should have known better. Even the CATS are better company that Dillon.
Be glad he is a whole ocean away - though I expect you can still hear him barking.
I hope that your arthur ities goes away quickly. I never like people called Arthur.
Licks and loves from your friend

zorra said...

Molly, I am so sorry to hear that your elbow is hurting you and that you have to take so many pills. I hope your pills help you start feeling better soon.

I am taking more pills than usual, too, because I made a bare spot on my foot and I just can't stop licking it! I don't know why! The doctor gave me two shots but I am still licking my foot. I can't help it. I can tell Mama doesn't like it, but she is patient with me. She's using strange words that don't sound very nice,like "bandage" and "e-collar". What are those?

Please thank your mama for telling people about puppy mills. They make my mama sad and mad, too. She says she's glad she found me at the shelter after I had lost my other home. I'm glad, too!

Get well soon, Molly!


Sue said...

Dear Molly,
Thanks for this post. It is important for people to know about these things.

I hope you are feeling better very soon.

RevHRod said...

Dear Molly-

I am so sorry to hear about your arthur-ities. My mama and papa both have it and they say it really bothers them when the weather is rainy. Mama especially gets it bad in her upper right paw.

Me, I'm a little slower than I used to be, but no real complaints. I'm a happy cat, especially when Mama lets me eat the last of her yoghurt.

St. Timothy Lutheran Cat
aka Timothy

RevHRod said...

P.s. Mama says it really stinks that the thing that would help you lose some weight- walking - is the thing that would hurt the most right now. She says it is a Catch-22. I'm not sure what she's catching, but she can be confusing.


DogBlogger said...

Oh, Molly, you're taking almost as many pills as I am! I hope you feel better soon, and I hope the cream cheese works well for you, too. I'm still on the peanut butter method, and The Boy has to have some peanut butter, too, from the other hand of the thumb-haver who is giving me my pills.

Thanks for telling people about puppy mills. I don't know why I wound up alone, but with all the problems I've had, they wonder if it was because somebody did something like that and then dumped me, even though I'm probably not a full-out German Shepherd. (The Typist calls me a German Shedder.)


St. Casserole said...

Molly, this is Fish. I understand pain in hips and legs, too. I have three pins in my hip because of my frak ture this year. I am sorry your paw hurts. Come live at our house. We have warm weather most of the year. You can put your paw on the sun warmed brick in our courtyard. I will clean your ears. You can have my favorite felt mouse, ok? This is your friend Fish using my mom's name thing.

Tiria the Shadow Princess said...

Gee Molly...
I am sorry you have arthur-ities and it hurts. I would def eat cream cheese over peanut butter, but then you know... I am a cat.

My humans said that they will only ever get a cat from the foster parents like where I came from. They said that they like being part of forever families... no cat mills or puppy mills for us.

Hope you feel better. Even if you are an og-day I don't want you to have to have all these pills.

The Shadow Princess

LilyLuHoo said...

Hi Molly -

I hope you're feeling better soon!

My big brother Bering, who looked like me only he had very pretty blue eyes (I have the pretty silver markings on my neck and shoulders) and was really really really tall and weighed over 100-pounds. He had arthur-ities in his hippies. But his doctor told him to take this pink stuff called something like glucosamin-chondroitin to help his ouchie hippies. Our person ground it into a power and mixed it in with his food. Within a couple of weeks he was moving around a lot better. His doctor told him to take the people-version of the supplement because the doggie-version was overpriced but it was the exact same stuff.

Bear was a fussy eater but he didn't mind that stuff being in his food. Our person called it his Secret Ingredient so I got jealous that I didn't get it, too. Especially because it was pink!

Maybe your Mom can ask your doctor if the pink stuff can help you, too.