Thursday, January 18, 2007

A New Church

Dear World,
The other day I got in the car with my Papa Bear and the two big boys from our house. We left Sam at home. I was excited! A trip for me! Without Sam! That usually means church.
Sam, you see, doesn't like crowds. He likes woods and stuff. I am the dog who likes all the people.
So we got in the car, and it was very crowded. Usually I ride in the front seat with my Papa Bear, and I can lie down on the seat and ride like a Princess because he makes it flat. Then Sam sits up in the back. But on this ride I had to share the BACK SEAT with our oldest boy, the one who goes away for a long time, then comes back and drinks all the milk, my mom says.
We drove for a long time. Finally, we got somewhere!
I had never, ever been there before. There was a big white building, though, and I know what those are! Lots of them are churches!!
Church is the place where lots of people get together and pet me. Sure, they do other stuff, too. They stand up and sit down, they talk and sing. They drink coffee! But I find that petting me is one of people's favorite things to do. It makes them smile!
So, we got to the new church, and we went up some stairs and through two big doors, and then some more doors and I was so excited I sang, "Wroo wroo!"
And I looked up and saw my mom, and she was standing up high and smiling and she said, "My family is here!" And everyone smiled and laughed!!! And I said "Wroo wroo!!"
Later all the children petted me, and then I went to mom's car for a while, and then I got to go to the party after church. They had some really good-looking sandwiches, but I didn't get any. I stood up as tall as I know how, but that didn't help.
At our old church, some ladies used to bring dog cookies in their pocketbooks, just for me. I need to teach these new ladies to bring cookies, too.
How are things with you? Do you ever go to church?


Whistle said...

We don't go to church. We stay home and make sure other people go to church.

I wish we could go but we cats don't like trips to places with people.

Please tell us why you didn't get sandwiches when you stood up?

Put a note in the bulletin at that church about carrying dog cookies as a spiritual act of mercy for big dogs.

we like you, Molly

Whistle (and Fish who isn't cooperating)

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I bet you teach those people to carry dog biscuits in a flash!

Redzils said...

Hi Molly -

Thanks for asking. I don't go to church, but think about it some times. If Kiska could go too, we would be much more likely to make it happen, I think...

We will think of you on Sunday mornings though, and if we went to your church we would bring cookies!

Littlemankitty said...

I went to church one time. It was outside. It was the blessing of the animals. I was blessed a lot! I got petted and loved. There were lots of other animals there, too. But I think I was the littlest. I'm not little any more.

I don't go to church any more. Once you're blessed, what's the point? Unless there are greenies there. ARe there greenies there? If there are greenies there and my human has not told me, I'm going to be mad!

zorra said...

Hi Molly, Last month I spent the night at church! It is cool to go to a new place because of all the different smells! Sometimes I don't like new places very much, but I had been to church before, and mom and dad were both there, so I wasn't scared.

The only thing that was wierd, there was a kid who kept following me around and wanting to play with me. I mean, that's OK I guess, I'm just kinda old and I got tired of it before he did. But my mom petted me and told me I was a good dog to play with him. She said that was probably why I was supposed to be there. I don't quite get that, but they gave me some yummy treats, so it was all good.

Who knows, maybe sometime you can spend the night at your mom's new church!

Your friend,

Gannet Girl said...

Hi Molly,

Gannet has never taken me to church. I think I might like it though, especially because sometimes there is brie. Don't you think cheese is the best food in the world? I have also heard that there are soft red cushions on the pews. I could just sack out there and wait for the brie.

At Gannet's Lovely Daughter's high school, the senior prank one year involved all the seniors bringing their dogs to school. 100 dogs! On the carpet! I have always regretted that the Lovely Daughter was not yet a senior that year.

Your new friend,

Sally said...

I reckon they'll soon learn to bring biscuits!

Songbird said...
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Molly said...

Hi, Whistle! When are you coming to visit me?
Mindy and Sally, I bet they will learn quickly!
redzils, find a church where they welcome Kiska, and you will be all set!
littleman, I've never had a greenie! Sounds like I need to get some!!
Amie, you got to spend the night? Wow! That sounds like fun.
Tipper, you are funny! Maybe my boy will take me to his high school sometime!!