Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Molly in the Snow

This is a picture of me.


cheesehead said...

Dear Molly,

I am letting my Mrs-Mrs write this comment. (I call her that because she is married to my Mister-Mister. I'm not sure she likes being called that. But I think it is better than "Grandma".)

I like your Snow Picture. We have snow here, finally. My Mister-Mister shoveled a path for me to do what dogs do outside. I have very short legs, so even a few inches of snow makes it hard for me to walk unless there is a path.

I hear that you live with cats. What is that like? There are no cats here, only humans. I like it that way.

Tanner the poodle (but not the silly kind)

Songbird said...

Dear Tanner,
Cats are very exciting! You never know which way they will turn next! Sometimes they bring other animals into the house: mice, birds, baby squirrels!! (That last one made the girls at my house cry.)
They don't seem to understand that I love them and want to sniff their butts, not eat them.
I really like the old one the best. Sometimes he comes to sit with us by the TV in the evening. Last night he sat in MY CHAIR!!! But I'm not sorry. I can lie on the rug, too.
We have low snow here, mixed up with ice, but I hear we're getting tall snow on Friday.
Thanks for writing!

Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

Molly, you are gorgeous, but you already know that, and you already know how pretty I think you are. I'm glad you have your own blog and I hope you will be posting lots of pictures of yourself (with some help from your mommy, of course).

Redzils said...

Molly, you are beautiful!

My furry friend, Kiska, says to tell you "Wroo, wroo" and that she is jealous of your snow. We were in Alaska over Christmas, and she is sad that we didn't bring the snow with us when we came back to Virginia.

Alex said...


Raksha said...

Looking beautiful Molly.

Can I date you?

Sky the Yellow Labrador